Physical Therapy

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our initial evaluation includes a one-on-one comprehensive assessment and treatment. We will identify what factors are contributing to your injury and create a customized plan to address each complaint. We will work with your personal trainer to modify your existing exercise regimen and allow you to keep working towards your fitness goals. We dedicate time to help you understand your injury and provide a corrective recovery program like physical therapy in Westford that addresses your complaints.

Pre and Post-Season Performance Testing

Our pre and post-season performance testing includes sport-specific examination of strength, flexibility, mobility, neuromuscular control, agility and power. Using a battery of tests, we evaluate the athletes overall fitness and identify areas that might be impeding performance. We provide in-season and off-season recommendations to address these impairments via a focused strength or mobility program.

Injury Prevention Screening

Our doctors of physical therapy will conduct a full body screen, identifying modifiable risk factors and create a plan to decrease each athlete's injury profile. We perform a battery of tests to assess each individual's risk for ACL injuries, UCL injuries (Tommy John injury), labral tears, rotator cuff injuries, and more. Whether it's creating an injury prevention program for a team or a customized exercise plan for your child, we will help keep your athletes performing at their peak.

Therapeutic Treatment

This is available for all clients that have been formally evaluated by one of our team members. Depending on what you and your therapist have discussed, this includes manual therapy such as dry needling, therapeutic cupping, massage, joint mobilization, stretching, Graston, TheraGun treatment, Kinesio Taping, recovery support, and more!

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