Nick Thurman, NFL

Nick Thurman, NFL

"Rachel has been nothing but greatness since we got together. We are both surgical about what we do and the detail to treatment. I’m really going to miss her on my team-of course anytime I’m in Boston, she’s my number one option."

Sam Mewis, USWNT

"Rachel is an extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable provider who has always approached my injuries with care and confidence. I trust her to manage my return to sport an to help keep me healthy long-term."


"Rachel has been an absolutely key component in my rehab and recovery from a major reconstructive knee surgery I underwent in 2020. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, and expertly guided me through each stage of my recovery from the difficult early post-op days, right up through a return to long distance running.

The addition of dry needling treatment to my rehab program was a game-changer in helping alleviate pain and crepitus that I experienced during my recovery process, enabling me to continue to work on building back strength and returning to running. I can confidently say I would not be back to the level of activity I am at today without her!"

Bron Volney, Founder BronCore Fitness

"Having onsite PT with KINISI helps to set us apart from all other boutique gyms. When our clients have any type of injury past our knowledge, we can now confidently assess them using KINISI, and treat them with the correct exercises and stretching provided to us."


"I first began seeing Rachel Lampros in 2016.  After being treated with Levaquin, I was left with tissue wasting and severe tendon damage in my feet, wrists, elbows and shoulder.  Rachel has been an invaluable part of my healing process.  First, she took the time to thoughtfully understand the multiple layers of damage in each region.  Second, she created a comprehensive plan that not only rehabilitated each area but anchored them in surrounding musculature that was stronger and more flexible than when I began.  I’ve gone from constant pain - walking, lifting a grocery bag, or even using a manual can opener could leave me in shocking pain - to biking 80 miles a day."


"Kinisi Physical Therapy has changed my life. Dry needling and joint mobilization have helped me perform with less pain, recover faster, and feel stronger. Rachel is the ultimate sports therapy professional - she does a full body assessment and history, and then develops a customized and targeted program based on what she learns and sees. And if that wasn't enough, she brings her services right to you!"

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